Use Labels to Boost Your Japanese Vocabulary

Labels are a great way to boost your Japanese vocabulary!

The awkward examples above are my attempt at making labels for colors :) I opened Google Translator and found all the Kanji for the colors. Then, I typed them in Notepad and increased the font size so I knew how to write then. After I wrote the Kana pronunciation and definition, I pasted them near colors around the house.

This can easily be done with all vocabulary!

Using labels to boost your Japanese vocabulary takes minutes and is really fun!

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  • Dusk

    ah, i think ive heard that somewhere! arigatou!

  • Nukemarine

    You can also label items with action phrases such as what you do with the item: 電気をつける;電気を消す(just put an arrow for direction). テレビを見る;ドアを閉める;ドアを開ける; etc.

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