Top 5 Reasons To Learn Japanese

1. Learning Japanese makes you different

In English speaking countries, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and other European languages are typically the 2nd language of choice.  Knowing Japanese sets you apart from everyone else!

2. Japanese culture is fun and exciting

A large portion of Japan’s history was spent in isolation, which allowed them to develop an incredibly unique culture!

3. Japanese innovations are everywhere

Think of everything we’ve gotten from Japan!  Who hasn’t heard of Pokemon or Nintendo?  Both were a huge part of my childhood!

4. Learning Japanese will make you feel smart

All European languages are similar, which makes learning them much less of a challenge!  Don’t get me wrong, learning any language is hard, but the satisfaction you get from understanding foreign characters is far greater!

5. Japan has the second-largest economy in the world

Imagine squeezing about half of the population of the United States into California.  Pretty unfathomable, right?  Well, Japan has a population that is almost one-half that of the US!  AND THEY’RE SMALLER THAN CALIFORNIA.  That’s pretty impressive that they can manage all of those people, if you ask me.  It’s surprising how such a small country can have the second-largest economy!

If you haven’t started learning Japanese yet, start now! There’s nothing stopping you (:

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  • @curryisyummy

    You must have missed this:

    China is now the second largest economy. Japan being third (unless this has changed recently due to the disasters). Still, it’s impressive how a country like Japan holds its own on the global scale.

    I don’t know if I really feel “smart” for learning Japanese. For me, it wasn’t about being smart or cool or whatever, though.

    You have interesting reasons for learning Japanese. Mine are all kind of childish. I liked Final Fantasy and Dragonball growing up, and I thought Chinese characters looked cool. Haha

    • V10 Japan

      You’re right, but at the time of the post, Japan was the second largest economy (or at least, the 2010 charts hadn’t been finalized).

      And I was never a DBZ fan XD My best friend as a kid used to always watch it when I’d go over and he wouldn’t go outside. It made me hate it!! haha

  • Richard Posner

    The learning of the language can transform you from a wanderlusting foreigner teacher into an-out-of-the-box entrepreneur or trader in a blink.

  • Mike

    I am learning Japanese also. I use Human Japanese program.

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