White Rabbit Press Kanji Flashcards Review

White Rabbit Press Kanji Flashcards are amazing.  I just received them today in the mail and was extremely happy with how effective they were!

Each card has 6 commonly used compounds and the most common definitions and readings.  It’s perfect for beginners and intermediates!

Here are how the cards are organized:

How I study with them

I use the textbook Genki (buy Genki extremely cheap, click here).  What I did was search through the flashcards for Kanji that were also vocabulary words.  After finding them, I got out a spiral notebook (any scratch paper will work).  Then, I would see the Kanji and learn the stoke order (which is unbelievably easy to remember with these flashcards).  Then I wrote the pronunciation then the definition given in Genki.  I know this isn’t completely learning the Kanji, but it really helps with learning how to write vocabulary!

Rating: 8/10

White Rabbit Press Kanji Flashcards are great!  They aren’t perfect though, which is why they didn’t get a 10.  Best you can buy though!

Click here to get White Rabbit Press Kanji Flashcards cheap!

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    >_<  OMG I need these so bad!!  

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