Free Kanji Flashcards

Hello everyone!  I’ve been working on a new project recently and I thought I’d sorta announce part of it.

I’m planning on providing some Kanji flashcards and I wanted to let you guys try the first batch!  Now, I know this isn’t a hugeee Kanji list but but it should help you with your basic numbers (:

It’s a PDF file and printing instructions are on the page.  If you have ANY questions let me know!

Please report any questions or comments you have.  If you have any trouble opening or printing or if fonts aren’t the way they look on the example above, let me know! I have a contact image in the right sidebar for lotsss of contact mediums (:

Download Free Kanji Number Flashcards

Thanks, -Travis.

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  • Mick

    thank you. what a fantastic idea.

  • Josh

    lol why is it written in katakana? It should be in Hiragana “ご”

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