Welcome to V10 Japan!  We’re a blog designed to keep readers motivated to learn Japanese!  We believe that the biggest struggle language learners, Japanese especially, go through is loss of interest.  The easiest way to get that interest back is to be reminded of how interesting Japan is.  Reading movie reviews, learning suggestions, and more will help replenish that interest!  Subscribe to our RSS feed and never lose interest again (:

About the author

Hi, I’m Travis.  I live in Georgia, USA and I’m a beginning learner in Japanese.  I started learning around late 2009 when a friend suggested I try Rosetta Stone Japanese (big mistake).  From there, I just continued learning because I found it interesting.

Meaning behind the name

My last name has 11 letters in it and the first one is V.  V10 is sort of a last name nickname.  V10 is used in several of my sites, one being V10 Games.com.

V10 Japan was established June 2nd, 2010.

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  • http://thejapanesepage.com/ Justin

    Ah, that makes sense. :) I only just recently learned what i18n meant… it's the same principle, an abbreviation for “Internationalization” using the first and last letters with “18” between to signify the other 18 letters. 😀

    We learn something new every day. 😉

    Congratulations on your site. It's looking great so far… I hope you stick with it. :)

  • http://v10japan.com/ V10 Japan

    thank you! :) are you a Japanese learner, yourself?

    • Anonymous

      I’m still a beginner… been slowly chipping away at it for about 3 years now I think? I’m also the head admin over at TheJapanesePage.com where I saw your blog posts that led me here. 😉

  • http://www.jamaipanese.com jamaipanese

    welcome to the J-Blogosphere, nice to meet you, hopefully you will inspire me to stop procrastinating and start actually “learning” Japanese again,

  • http://v10japan.com/ V10 Japan

    You're a beginner and you're the admin there???

  • phreadom

    I handle the technical aspects of the site. Basic moderation etc… I don't do a lot of question answering about Japanese specifically. :) (Clay actually owns the site and is user #1, the real head honcho… and he speaks Japanese fluently I think and has a Japanese wife etc… I just handle server stuff, bug fixing, design, updates, etc.)

    It's probably a bit to do with focusing on all that stuff that I don't get as much actual Japanese studying in as I'd like. 😉 But in reality it's probably mostly just my own procrastination. 😉

  • http://v10japan.com/ V10 Japan

    Haha well it's nice to meet you! :) I hope V10 Japan can motivate you into learning XD because I definitely need some motivation too… :

  • http://blueshoe.myopenid.com/ Blueshoe

    Hi Travis. You have a nice-looking blog here. Hope to see a lot of interesting posts from you in the future!

  • http://chokochoko.wordpress.com/ Bravefencermusashiden

    Hi Travis, nice blog you have here! Looks promising! Anyways, welcome to the J-Blogosphere (sup Jamaipanese)!

  • http://nihontekinaseikatsu.wordpress.com ebta1989

    Hi Travis, I’m Elliott, nice to meet you! Your blog is really cool looking, and as a fellow J-Blogger, it goes without saying that I totally support your cause. It’s true, motivation is the biggest road block to becoming fluent in Japanese. I’m looking forward to reading your stuff!

    • http://v10japan.com/ V10 Japan

      Thank you! I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well.

  • Wolfenstein06

    hello nice the meet you! 

  • http://must-hear-80s-songs.blogspot.com/ Mike

    Hello from New York. I am learning Japanese also. I use Human Japanese program. It is really good.

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