Hi guys! I went through sort of a phase where I bought tonss of learning materials in search of the best :)

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Don’t buy unless you’re sure you want it


Here is a list of every book relating to Japanese that I own

(Note: expect reviews for these books to appear soon!)

–Books are ordered the same as the shelf

Kanji Pict-O-Graphix

Barron’s Learn Japanese

Japanese For Everyone

Japanese For Dummies

Japanese Demystified

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Conversational Japanese

Japanese From Zero! 1

A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters

Remembering the Kanji 1

Remembering the Kanji 2

Super Review: Japanese for Beginners

Everyday Japanese

Random House Japanese Dictionary

Conversational Japanese

Vest Pocket Japanese – Ancient. You can’t buy it anymore.

Eyewitness Travel Guides Japanese Phrase Book

Making Sense of Japanese

Anime books I bought at a used book store.

–Second shelf

Adventures in Japanese

Adventures in Japanese workbook

Japanese For Busy People: Kana Version

Japanese For Busy People: Romanized Version

Elementary Japanese

Grandfather’s books that were translated into Japanese

Genki 1: A Integrated Course in Elementary Japanese

Japanese Bookshelf Pics

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