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If you aren’t properly motivated, sadly, your studies in Japanese will probably fail.  But don’t worry!  You can easily keep yourself motivated :) Subscribe to our RSS feed or scroll down the pages for tips on staying motivated.  Enjoy!

Tips for staying motivated

  • Watch Japanese movies frequently (read our movie recommendations here)

  • I can’t think of better advice to give then to watch movies.  Every time I watch a Japanese movie, I feel the want to learn return.  And Japanese movies are great! :)
  • Review EVERY DAY

  • No exceptions!  You must get some review in every day.  If you don’t, the knowledge you spent so much of your time learning will slowly slip away, causing headaches later!
  • Talk with other learners (click here to sign up for a forum where you can chat with other learners FREE)

  • Play Pokemon

  • No one is too old to play Pokemon :) Pokemon was invented by the Japanese and is now a extremely popular franchise in the United States!  If you don’t own a Nintendo Gameboy, I suggest you buy a used one (or new!) and purchase a Pokemon game.  I prefer the classic ones, such as Red, Blue, Silver, Gold, or Crystal!
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